Stoccata Basket Hilts

Stoccata Basket Hilts




The above is a photo of our munitions grade basket hilt. This example was developed for a HEMA group requiring a light hilt which is rugged enough to withstand percussive blows. the 16ga steel is dished and overlapped for extra strength while hilt openings are kept small. The interior grip space will accommodate a large heavily padded glove. This hilt may be ordered mounted on either the straight or curved versions of our long blades. It is also available on our Alehouse dagger blade.

Additional information

Weight 1.91 lbs
Dimensions 42.5 × 7 × 7 in
Hilt finish

Black, Gray

Grip finish

Brown, Custom

Blade type

No blade – $110, Up to 40.5" rod tang Safeflex schlager/rapier blade – $190, Up to 40" rectangular rod tang blade – $190, Up to 38" light schlager rapier blade – $180, Up to 37" light broadsword blade – $180

Blade curve

Straight, Slightly curved, Extra curve – $10

Blade length 29" - 40"